On 21 June, the UK will celebrate Make Music Day along with over 120 countries worldwide.

Inspired by the Fête de la Musique in France, which sees two thirds of the population enjoying music-making on street corners and in city centres, musical events will be taking places in public spaces across the UK. All members of the public are encouraged to create an event or perform.

This year, there are five themes to inspire events: New Orleans Brass Bands, Meet British Brass Bands, Women in Music, Rural Music-Making, and Flashmob.

Barbara Eifler, chief executive of Making Music, said: ‘Make Music Day is the perfect opportunity to showcase the amazing musical activity – hidden for most of the time – in every community in the UK.

‘21 June is the chance to celebrate them all: choirs and rock bands, brass bands and orchestras, ukulele groups and drumming circles, jazz ensembles and folk performers, rappers or singer-songwriters. We want to inspire more people to see music as something for them.’

Events in previous years have included gigs in London pubs; concerts in Norfolk & Norwich Hospital; live music at Nottingham Performing Arts Library; a whole town festival in Saffron Walden, Essex; bandstand performances across the UK; busking at tube stations; and guitar lessons on the London Eye.

Free practical resources, from event planning to marketing materials, are available here: https://makemusicday.co.uk/resources/