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RCM study reveals that drumming has a positive impact on mental health

11:42, 21st March 2016

A study conducted by the Royal College of Music provides further evidence of the positive effect of music on mental health.

A ten-week programme of group drumming was found to reduce depression by as much as 38% and anxiety by 20%, and improve social resilience by 23% and mental wellbeing by 16%. The benefits were still evident three months later.

The research was carried out among 76 mental health users in London across two studies. Individuals took part in six- and ten-week programmes of group drumming workshops led by a professional drummer and supported by students from the RCM before completing questionnaires measuring depression, anxiety, stress and mental wellbeing.

The participants gave interviews and offered saliva samples, which were analysed to test their biological responses.

The study was the first project conducted by the new Centre for Performance Science, a RCM partnership with Imperial College London, and carried out as part of ‘Creative Practice as Mutual Recovery’, a project funded by the UK’s Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC).

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