Katy Wright

Deputy Editor, Classical Music

Royal Albert Hall survey reveals instrument gender bias

12:15, 7th February 2017

A study conducted by the Royal Albert Hall has revealed that brass instruments are associated with men, and string instruments with women.

Of the 2,000 adults who took the survey, only 2% linked the trumpet with women and 3% thought that women were likely to play the French horn and the tuba.

3% of respondents thought men were likely to play the violin, and just 2% thought they would ever see a man playing the harp.

Lucy Noble, director of events at the Royal Albert Hall, said that she sees the gender bias displayed in the survey all the time.

‘Brass sections within orchestras are always heavily male, equally the strings are generally women and that is because we, consciously or not, guide our children toward a “type” of instrument… and it’s wrong.

‘In a time when the “leader” of the free-world is Donald Trump and it seems gender equality is teetering on the edge, we must do what little we can to ensure music and the arts more generally, is seen as accessible to all and without gender stereotyping.’

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