Sadiq Khan has committed an extra £1m of extra funding to the London Borough of Culture award.

The new initiative, announced in June 2017, offers more than £1m of funding to the winning boroughs to stage a programme of cultural events and initiatives, and to develop a plan to make culture an integral part of their future.

The two winning boroughs for 2019 and 2020 will now each receive an additional £250,000, specifically to help young people from diverse backgrounds get involved in creative projects.

This is on top of £1.1m already committed to each winning borough, allowing it to deliver a programme of ambitious cultural activities. This brings the total award available to each winning borough to £1.35m.

Twenty-two boroughs have applied to become the London Borough of Culture, and the winning boroughs for 2019 and 2020 will be announced on Tuesday 27 February by Sadiq Khan at a special ceremony at City Hall.


The Mayor has also announced a further £250,000 towards up to six exemplary projects, bringing the total fund available for exemplary projects to £850,000, and £250,000 to launch a new creative leadership programme for young people from diverse backgrounds. This will enable young Londoners in the two winning boroughs with creative talent and entrepreneurial flair to develop the next generation of creative businesses, providing them with mentoring and investment.


Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said: ‘Despite London’s position as the world’s culture capital, too many young Londoners do not have access to the city’s exceptional cultural institutions and don’t get involved in cultural projects.

‘That’s why I’m delighted to be able to allocate an extra £1million of funding for cultural projects aiming to unlock young Londoners’ creative potential and inspire the next generation of artists, performers and creative talent.

‘From the outset of my Mayoralty, I made culture a core priority. That’s why I’ve invested more in culture than any other Mayor.’