More than 1 million vinyl LPs are expected to be purchased this December, according to the BPI.

Data from the Official Charts suggests that vinyl sales will be up by 26.1% in 2017, compared to the equivalent four-week period in 2016.

This would contribute to a likely annual total of around 4 million vinyl LP sales which the BPI is estimating for the whole of 2017.

Just over a quarter of vinyl purchases now typically fall in December. In the final week before Christmas last year, 213,000 LPs were purchased – equivalent to one in 15 of all the LPs sold in 2016.

In 2013, vinyl accounted for as little as 0.6% of overall music consumption in December (including CDs, downloads & streams), but by 2016 its proportion had risen to 4% (in contrast with 2.4% for the rest of the year). This December, the figure is set to rise above 5%.

Sales of vinyl have increased by 1,472% since 2007. The BPI speculates that the medium’s resurgence is partly due to its deluxe packaging and limited edition record label releases. A number of record labels have invested in the vinyl format, often producing records to high deluxe standards, enhancing their aesthetic appeal and collectability.

Geoff Taylor, chief executive of BPI and BRIT Awards, said: ‘More and more of us have been rediscovering the joys of vinyl as artists and labels release more of their new titles and classic albums in the format.

‘Vinyl is aspirational, collectible and has a high perceived value despite being generally affordable.’