Rhinegold Publishing terms and conditions for freelance contributions

Rhinegold Publishing terms and conditions for freelance contributions

Please read carefully. By accepting a freelance commission from any title managed by Rhinegold Publishing Ltd [Classical Music, Opera Now, International Piano, Choir & Organ, Music Teacher, Teaching Drama, Early Music Today] you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

In summary:

The contributor agrees to produce the commissioned work and deliver it to Rhinegold Publishing together with any necessary materials by the deadline agreed with the editor or staff writer on behalf of the editor. The contributor retains copyright in the commissioned work, with Rhinegold being granted a licence to use it on an exclusive basis for one year, and non-exclusive in perpetuity.

Terms & Conditions

In consideration of payment of the fee, the contributor hereby:

Agrees and acknowledges that Rhinegold has the following rights, which are worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable and sub-licensable, and are exclusive for one year from the date of delivery of your material and non-exclusive thereafter:

(a)the right to syndicate, distribute, license, republish or retransmit the material in all present and future media and formats, including print, electronic, online, telephony, mobile and tablet apps and all others and

(b) the rights in the title, format and any pseudonym used in respect of your material.

(c)In addition Rhinegold has the non-exclusive right to store your material (whether that includes text, photographs, graphics, video or audio in any format) in any database or archive in any present or future media or format. You are free to store and allow access to your material on databases for personal purposes provided nothing competes or conflicts with the rights you have granted Rhinegold; and

(d) The exercise by you of any of these rights is conditional on it not leading to any conflict of interest with Rhinegold, and that a proper acknowledgement to Rhinegold (or relevant magazine/title) is given on any further use of your material together where possible with a link to the material.

The Contributor undertakes that the work will:

Be of satisfactory form and content and of acceptable quality to meet Rhinegold’s editorial standards;

Comply with the brief set out on the Commissioning Form or as otherwise agreed with the Commissioning Editor; and

Be delivered by the agreed delivery method on or before the agreed deadline.

Rhinegold may reject the Work if it considers in its sole discretion that the Work does not meet Rhinegold’s editorial standards or does not comply with the brief or if the Work is delivered after the deadline and, following such rejection, all rights granted will immediately revert to the contributor.

Payment of Fees:

Subject to the full and complete performance and observance by the Contributor of all its obligation and warranties under this agreement, Rhinegold will pay the Fee to the Contributor within 30 days of the publication date of the title, upon receipt of an invoice from the Contributor.

Rhinegold will reimburse the contributor’s reasonable expenses provided the Commissioning editor has given approval prior to the Contributor incurring such expenses and the Contributor has submitted valid receipts

If Rhinegold rejects the work because it considers that the work does not meet Rhinegold’s editorial standards or does not comply with the brief, it will pay the Contributor such sum as the Commissioning Editor shall agree.

If Rhinegold rejects the work because it is delivered after the deadline it will not pay the contributor any fee.

Rights to use the work:

Rhinegold has the right to edit, amend make additions to and deletions from the Work and (if requested) the Contributor agrees to assist with Rhinegold to edit the work. Rhinegold has no obligation under this Agreement to publish or otherwise use the work and will not be liable to the Contributor if the work is not published or used.

Rhinegold may use the Contributors name and likeness in connection with the publicity and promotion of any Rhinegold magazine, publication or product in or on which the work is published or used.

The Contributor herby warrants and undertakes that:

The Contributor is the sole author of the Work, the work is original an all necessary clearances and waivers to allow Rhinegold to fully exploit the work during the Term in accordance with this Agreement have been obtained.

The work has not previously been published or exploited before delivery date. The Contributor will not publish, exploit or authorise publication or exploitation of any other work substantially similar to the work in any media (whether in existence now or developed in the future) unless otherwise agreed in writing by the commissioning Editor;

The Contributor will use best endeavours to ensure that all statements purporting to be facts contained in the work are true;

If the subject matter of the work is an interview, the contributor warrants that the work is a true reflection of the interview and that the interview can be published and exploited and that all consents to do so have been obtained.

In the event that any complaint or claim relating to the work is made by any third party, the contributor agrees to:

Co-operate fully with Rhinegold in responding to and defending such complaint or claim; and (if requested) provide all notes, tapes and other materials necessary to substantiate statements made in the work.

The contributor agrees to keep the terms of this agreement, the fees and any information relating to Rhinegold Publishing, the editor, the staff writer acting on behalf of the editor or any of the interviews strictly confidential and shall not disclose the same to any third parties. Nothing in this agreement shall constitute a partnership or contract of employment between the contributor and Rhinegold Publishing.

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