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Piano is a hands-on magazine for all who love to play the instrument, or would like to, or who simply love to listen.

Piano brings together many of the world's greatest pianists, to trade opinions, tips and insights on the works of the great composers. There are series on improvisation, playing jazz and practising, with regular tips on fingering, sight-reading, pedalling, memorisation etc. Nowhere else will you find such a compendium of knowledge to spark off ideas, help you reassess your own interpretations and enhance your enjoyment of the repertoire.

World-class pianists give detailed lessons on the practising and interpretation of favourite pieces and come together to share with readers their thoughts on playing the great composers.

Also featured are interviews with established and rising stars, tours inside the piano, coverage of the continuing digital revolution, and reviews of the latest books, sheet music, CDs, DVDs and downloads.

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