Katy Wright

Deputy Editor, Classical Music

New report praises ‘positive impact’ of Big Noise Torry

12:14, 19th June 2017

A new report has concluded that Big Noise Torry is already having a ‘positive impact’ on participants.

The independent study, which was carried out by the Glasgow Centre for Population Health, also found that those who took part in the programme were more likely to attend school than those who did not, and noted that parents or guardians, teachers, Big Noise staff and delivery partners had noticed positive impacts on emotional wellbeing, education and learning, social and life skills and health behaviours.

A response from a participant asked ‘How do you feel at Big Noise?’
A response from a participant asked ‘How do you feel at Big Noise?’

Big Noise Torry launched in 2015, and is the third orchestra run by Sistema Scotland. It works with 522 children aged between three and nine in Aberdeen, with in-school and after-school elements.

The 130 Big Noise participants who took part in the study expressed ‘feelings of happiness, enjoyment, fulfilment and pride in developing musical skills, playing their instrument and being part of Big Noise’.

The report concluded: ‘If these early impacts continue to be built upon through consistent programme engagement, there is potential to enhance participants’ lives, prospects, health and wellbeing through a variety of well-defined and measurable pathways in the long term.

‘To this end, working closely with the schools and a range of partner agencies and services; Sistema Scotland would indeed be “transforming lives through music”.’

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