• Music Teacher Conferences

    Music technology in education

    Date: 16/10/2020

    Music technology offers a wealth of opportunities for expanding the teaching of music to all children and young people, as well as providing a basis for teaching much of the curriculum.

    This one-day conference, taking place on 16th October in central London, offers an immersive day of presentations and training on music technology in education.

  • CYP Now Conferences

    Safeguarding Children in the Digital Age

    Date: 13/01/2021

    Digital technology continues to evolve at an extraordinary rate, providing children and young people with countless opportunities for learning, development and socialisation. It also presents ever increasing threats to their wellbeing and safety.

    This one day conference will provide essential learning for the entire children’s workforce. We are bringing together leading online safety experts and safeguarding professionals to equip you with the understanding, skills and confidence to ensure children and young people stay safe in the digital age, in a series of high quality CPD-certified keynote talks and seminars.

  • Nursery World Conferences

    The future of the EYFS: rethinking priorities and practice

    Date: 11/11/2020

    The revised Early Years Foundation Stage and Development Matters guidance aim to ‘reset’ priorities within early years practice to improve the quality of care and education for all children, but particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

    This conference will:

    • analyse current problems within early years practice
    • outline the rationale for changes within the EYFS and Development Matters
    • give guidance on curriculum planning and assessment, and
    • provide an insight into self-regulation and its importance in early learning and development.

  • SecEd/HTU Conferences

    The Pupil Premium and Ofsted - Ensuring Successful Outcomes

    Date: 15/01/2021

    Organised by SecEd & Headteacher Update, the popular bi-annual event includes 12 interactive and school-led workshop and two keynote sessions – all of which will offer practical strategies that can be adapted and adopted for your school’s unique circumstances.

    We will bring together senior leaders, Pupil Premium leads, teachers and other experts to help you discover and debate deliverable, evidence-based and practical interventions and strategies for raising attainment, overcoming key barriers to learning and achievement, and narrow the gap for disadvantaged pupils.

    Curriculum Design & Delivery: Intent, Implementation & Impact

    Date: 15/01/2021

    This one-day conference, hosted by SecEd and Headteacher Update, takes place in Birmingham on 25th September 2020. It will bring together the latest research evidence, best practice and case studies of curriculum design, implementation and evaluation – from an Ofsted viewpoint, but more importantly with the aim of helping schools to develop and deliver a broad and balanced curriculum that helps every student to achieve and find their place in the world.