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Melissa Bradshaw

Christopher Gabbitas announced as Phoenix Chorale’s new artistic director

3:47, 8th May 2019

The Phoenix Chorale has this week announced the five-year appointment of Christopher Gabbitas as artistic director, beginning with the 2019/20 season.

A two-time Grammy Award-winning singer and former member of The Kings’ Singers, Gabbitas has toured the world visiting more than 40 countries and performing almost 2,000 concerts worldwide. As a managing partner for The King’s Singers and a qualified attorney, he has helped set up charitable foundations in both the UK and the US and has worked to raise funds for numerous charities across the world.

‘From the very beginning of this process, our top goal was to find a candidate that would lead the Chorale into the next 60 years and build upon the incredible success and legacy of the Chorale,’ said Jen Rogers, Phoenix Chorale President & CEO. ‘Chris’s enthusiasm is contagious and inspires everyone that comes into contact with him. Right away, there was chemistry with Chris across the board.’

As artistic director, Gabbitas will lead all artistic and creative aspects of the organisation, building and expanding the Phoenix Chorale’s 60-year legacy through long-term planning and visioning, increasing visibility at home and abroad, expanding outreach opportunities and increasing the capacity of the Chorale to reach a broader audience.

‘I am thrilled and honoured to have been appointed as artistic director of the Phoenix Chorale, one of the very finest choral ensembles in North America. As a custodian of this important position, I look forward to working with the wonderful singers of the Chorale and communicating with audiences across the Valley and further afield, through live concerts and recordings,’ said Gabbitas. ‘I’m also excited to be joining the wider Phoenix community and promoting the joy of singing and choral music as ambassador for the Chorale, in conjunction with CEO Jen Rogers. The Phoenix Chorale is a shining gem in the middle of the desert, and our mission is to ensure we raise our voices in song, reaching as many people as possible and spreading the wonder of live music to all who will listen.’

Gabbitas’s first concert series as artistic director will take place October 18 – 20 2019.


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