John Barnett

Josquin: Masses

11:17, 6th January 2021

Tallis Scholars / Peter Phillips (dir)
Gimell CDGIM 051 [71:40]

Crowning glory to a cycle begun in 1986, this disc brings together the Missae Hercules Dux Ferrarie, D’ung aultre amer, and Faysant regretz, revealing much of the magic and mystery of Josquin in microcosm. The homophonic gestures of parts of D’ung aultre amer glow with an emotional depth also found in the most intricate polyphonic interweavings of Hercules Dux Ferrarie. These voices find an almost supernatural intensity of line, sonority, energy, and blend. If you have that 1986 disc, listen again, compare with this and marvel at how they’ve gone from strength to strength.


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