John Barnett

New RCCO podcast

5:24, 12th February 2021

The Royal Canadian College of Organists (RCCO) has launched a new podcast, which is styled as exploring ‘The 21st Century Organ Experience’.

The aim of FutureStops is to connect organists, composers, builders, scholars, presenters and lovers of contemporary organ music into a global community. Nine episodes have been released so far, including Olivier Latry and Cameron Carpenter as well as lesser-known, leading-edge artists who are pursuing unique and innovative ways of exploring the organ and its capabilities.

FutureStops also has a podcast segment called Organ+, which is dedicated to adventurous cross-cultural collaborations between pipe organists and artists working in radically different traditions. Examples given include organ and gamelan, or organ and tape loop. Performers are invited to submit their own cross-cultural organ recordings; the RCCO is offering a CAN$250 honorarium for every recording featured.

More information about the podcast and all past episodes are available at www.futurestops.org.

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