Rhinegold Photo credit: ©Judith Lötscher

Katy Wright

Deputy Editor, Classical Music

ORA Singers to present Francisco Coll premiere

5:42, 29th January 2018

ORA will give the world premiere of Francisco Coll’s Stella at LSO St Luke’s, London on 24 February.

Inspired by, and subtly drawing Tomás Luis de Victoria’s Ave Maris Stella, the five-minute motet was written for the ensemble and Suzi Digby in 2017. The piece was retrospectively commissioned by Stephen Fry after he heard a rehearsal recording.

Coll writes of the piece: ‘Victoria has been always a model for me as a composer. I especially admire his music’s textural clarity, the luminosity of its harmony, and the personal expression of its melodic lines. This is not the first time my music has been directly related to Victoria; in 2013, I quoted the Requiem in the fourth movement of my symphonic work Mural. ‘


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