Katy Wright

Deputy Editor, Classical Music

Pembroke College Cambridge to launch Girls’ Choir

10:42, 6th February 2018

The Pembroke College Girls’ Choir will launch in September 2018, bringing together 24 girls between the ages of 11-18 from schools around Cambridge.

The ensemble’s weekly schedule will comprise an optional theory class, two rehearsals, and an Evensong service. It will embark on regular concerts and tours, and will sing Evensong once a term alongside the Chapel Choir. 

Vocal tuition will be given free of charge on a rotational basis during rehearsals. 

Pembroke alumna and Choir patron Emma Johnson described the initiative as ‘refreshing’, adding: ‘The girls’ choral tradition too often loses out to the boys’ in many of the UK’s religious and scholarly institutions.’

To enquire about joining the Choir, or to arrange an audition, email the director of music, Anna Lapwood.


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