Katy Wright

Deputy Editor, Classical Music

Rodolfus Choir merges with Choral Course Foundation

12:34, 15th September 2017

The Rodolfus Choir is merging with the Choral Course Foundation to create the Rodolfus Foundation.

The newly merged charity will enable children and young people to achieve excellence in choral music through training, bursaries, and participation in high-quality performances.

The Foundation will deliver the Junior Choral Course, the Rodolfus Choir and Choral Course Engagement, a programme which seeks to provide access for young people to attend the Junior Choral Course and Eton Choral Course through bursaries and other outreach projects.

Eton Choral Courses will continue to be administered by Eton College.

Ralph Allwood, founder of the Rodolfus Choir, said: ‘The aims and principles of The Rodolfus Choir and Choral Course Foundation relate to the development and musical education of young people. We believe that, by merging, we will be more efficient in the way in which we work and better able to provide a clear and coherent training path for the very talented young people whom we work with. Our work is becoming increasingly important and we are positive that this step will help us to grow and improve what we do.’

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