Rhinegold St Bride's Church

Melissa Bradshaw

St Bride’s Choir presents A Song for the Season of Creation

12:29, 6th June 2019

St Bride’s Choir has been commissioned to help produce a new song for the Season of Creation, launched on Sunday 26 May 2019 and available for download now.

The anthem is a song of praise for God’s creation and a timely reminder of our responsibility to protect the environment in which we live. It follows the choir’s successful Plastic-less Lent campaign in 2018 and Less Meat Lent in 2019, encouraging people to reflect on the environmental impact of their lifestyle choices.

A poem titled ‘Everything Holds Together’ by Malcolm Guite has been set to music by composer Ian Stephens in a number of arrangements suitable for choirs of all sizes. It is hoped that A Song for the Season of Creation will be performed in churches as part of Season of Creation services or Harvest Festivals.


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