Dominic John (pf)
Willowhayne WHR041

A new ‘set’ of 24 Preludes here, selected via the digital age by combing online music services. From Hindemith pupil Harald Genzmer, the journey weaves its way through the labyrinth of the obscure with a fresh, pioneering spirit. Vierne’s C minor Prelude is a joy, its energy tempered by the crepuscular Fauré. There’s a catchy piece by Yevgeny Svetlanov, while American Richard Cumming’s Preludes deserve greater currency. Jazz (Kapustin, Previn) offers variety, while better-known Messiaen (‘La colombe’) and Ireland (Holy Boy) offer familiarity; Busoni provides Bachian purity. From stormy Glière to spiky Gál to the Armenian yearnings of Abramyan, this is a journey of wonder. Delicious Boris Goltz glitters, placated by Dubois; later we are reminded to explore more Alkan and Bowen.

The inclusion of Stanford complements Sam Haywood’s recent Hyperion offering; similarly, the Bortkiewicz hyper-Romantic ‘Patetico’ Prelude complements Gintov’s all-Bortkiewicz Piano Classics disc. John’s performances throughout are as impeccable as they are fervent.