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87% of musical instrument teachers adapting to online teaching, ABRSM survey reveals

9:06, 17th June 2020

An ABRSM survey has revealed the extent to which lockdown is transforming music instrument teaching, with 87% of teachers reporting having adapted to online lessons.

The survey also shows that more than a third of learners are progressing better than would otherwise have been expected, and highlights how parents are getting more involved with music lessons.

However, it warns that barriers to effective tuition include poor broadband, access to instruments and internet, and job insecurity for teachers.

ABRSM chief executive Michael Elliott said: ‘Lockdown is having some positive effects on music education in the UK. It has shown the adaptability of our music teaching colleagues and suggests that music pupils are devoting some of their spare time to practice and making greater than expected progress as a result.

‘It is also inspiring a change in the way in which parents engage with their child’s education and this is really encouraging. We must seize the opportunity these developments present and, more broadly, work as a sector with the government to better understand how technology can successfully be used to provide access to music tuition and to support even greater progress.’

ABRSM is urging the UK government to widen 4G access and extend the Self Employment Income Support Scheme as part of a seven-point plan to address the challenges highlighted by the survey and to support music learners and instrumental music teachers through lockdown and beyond.


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