Guy Weatherall

Adams & Korngold*: Violin concertos

9:00, 20th July 2017

Ilya Gringolts (vn); Copenhagen Phil, Santtu-Matias Rouvali, Julien Salemkour*
Orchid Classics ORC100066

Hot on the heels of Tamsin Waley-Cohen’s recording (Signum, CM December 2016) comes another take on John Adams’ tuneful modern classic. Gringolts’ way is more direct, brusque even sometimes and, while it is not to be preferred to the earlier recording, it’s a cogent and entertaining reading.
In the Korngold, Gringolts faces more competition; but his measured approach works better here, and the playing of the Danish orchestra is truly winning. Listeners seeking these two fascinating 20th-century concertos need not hesitate.

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