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Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation awards 16 new arts grants

12:46, 21st January 2020

The Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation has awarded 16 new grants worth a total of £225,405 to arts and heritage projects in Scotland, Northern Ireland and England.

The Foundation, which has given £20.5 million in grants and scholarships since its launch in 2011, has prioritised projects that engage young people and individuals from hard-to-reach and minority backgrounds.

Three strands of funding are available after the foundation restructured its process of awarding money last year: grants of up to £5,000 are given to projects that increase diversity by removing social, economic and geographical barriers; up to £10,000 is given to initiatives that provide specialist training and workplace experience for emerging talent and recent graduates; up to £25,000 is awarded to schemes that apply resources widely and give training to a significant number of people.

Projects rewarded include £10,000 to the charity MiSST (Music in Secondary Schools Trust) for a residential classical music workshop for disadvantaged students, £25,000 to performing arts charity Arts Insight for music, drama and dance courses at primary schools in challenging areas across the UK, £20,000 for an ensemble foundation course at the disabled-led Graeae Theatre Company, £4,922 to YMCA Glenrothes for weekly sessions and workshops for young homeless people and those excluded from mainstream education, and £20,000 to the Young Six Six Project at the Bristol Old Vic, an ensemble of performers from lower socio-economic backgrounds.

‘Engagement in the arts changes lives,’ says Lloyd Webber. ‘The positive impact of the arts on health, social mobility and wellbeing is now irrefutable. I passionately believe that everyone in this country, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds, should be able to participate … Around the country, across the arts, many people are doing brilliant things to unlock talent and empower the next generation to succeed. We are proud to work with them.’


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