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Guildhall Musicians perform in the Barbican Conservatory at Sound Unbound 2017

Melissa Bradshaw

Barbican and Culture Mile announce further line-up for Sound Unbound festival

4:10, 15th April 2019

Further line-up details have been announced for this year’s Sound Unbound, a weekend-long classical music festival that takes place from 18 – 19 May and for the first time will be completely free.

The festival features over 100 short performances representing a myriad of musical styles from across the ages and are performed by artists for whom the boundaries between classical music and contemporary, experimental and pop music have been blurred.

A Culture Mile event programmed by the Barbican, the festival will also this year explore unexpected spaces across London’s Culture Mile, which stretches from Farringdon to Moorgate. The great history and variety of music will be mirrored in the architecture, as concerts take place in more than 20 unique venues, from the medieval St Bartholomew the Great to fabric nightclub.

Highlights include:

  • UK premiere of pianist Bruce Brubaker and producer Max Cooper’s project Glassforms at the Barbican Hall
  • Winchester-based choir SANSARA perform in St Bartholomew the Great presenting music for choir and electronics exploring mysticism, death and loss, including chants by Hildegard von Bingen, the world premiere of a new work by Joe Bates, and Arvo Pärt’s Virgencita
  • Two special projects from singer Nora Fischer: HUSH, in which she, together with guitarist Marnix Dorrestein, redefines beautiful 17th-century songs in the spirit of a modern pop-song, and The Secret Diary of Nora Plain, where she moves between pop, jazz and classical
  • Saxophonist Jess Gillam, one of the most exciting emerging artists in classical music, performs at Milton Court Concert Hall

Sound Unbound kicks off Play the Mile, which takes place across Culture Mile from 18 May – 25 August and explores the value of play and creativity in everyday life.

For further details visit www.barbican.org.uk/whats-on/2019/event/sound-unbound.

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