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Cecilia Arditto

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BCMG composing competition winners named

11:42, 17th August 2018

Birmingham Contemporary Music Group has announced nine winners of the Wilde Liede Marx Music international composing competition.

They are:


Cecilia Arditto (b.1966, Argentina) – The dearest dream

Andrea Portera (b.1973, Italy) – Wild Rituals

Alistair Zaldua (b.1970, UK) – manifesto (11’)


Geoffrey Gordon (b.1968, USA) – Harmonie

Mert Moralı (b.1992, Turkey) – Die Produktion des Bewusstseins

Sound Art

Aldo Brizzi (b.1960, Italy) – Spectre … World

Christophe Lambert (b.1967, France) – Marx in Progress

Elisabeth Kaiser (b.1974, Germany) & Johannes Winkler (b.1984, Germany) – tetralemmatic roses for a birthday

First, second and third place in each category will be announced at a concert on 2 September attended by German Federal Minister of Justice and Consumer Protection, and patron of Wilde Lieder Marx.Music project, Dr. Katarina Barley.

Further information about the winners can be found at: https://www.bcmg.org.uk/

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