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BCMG to host day-long celebration of Ferneyhough

2:44, 8th November 2018

Birmingham Contemporary Music Group (BCMG) and the Arditti Quartet will come together at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire on 9 December to celebrate the 75th birthday of Brian Ferneyhough.

Born in Coventry in 1943, Ferneyhough studied at the Birmingham School of Music (now Royal Birmingham Conservatoire), before moving to Europe and later to California. His works are renowned for their intricacy and technical demands that explore the boundaries of composition.

The day will begin with a conversation between Ferneyhough and fellow composer Howard Skempton, before a performance of Ferneyhough’s Dum Transisset I-V – a tribute to 16th-century composer and organist Christopher Tye.

The performance will be given by a group of NEXT musicians – a year-long programme offering those at the beginning of their careers training and performance opportunities – who will work alongside the composer and the Arditti Quartet, who premiered the work.

The day will also feature works by others composers with links to the Midlands, including Jonathan Harvey, Michael Wolters and Charlotte Bray.

BCMG artistic director Stephan Meier, said: ‘Ferneyhough’s music is known for its complexity but we shouldn’t forget its humanity and diversity: the pieces we perform in our Ferneyhough Day include a conjuring of Icarus’s stunning achievement of flight.

‘As Icarus sought to soar ever higher, we push the boundaries of what’s possible – involving the next generation of musicians in partnership with the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire in a tribute to this extraordinary figure in contemporary music.’

Brian Ferneyhough Day is at Royal Birmingham Conservatoire on Sunday 9 December. For tickets and details visit bcmg.org.uk/ferneyhough or phone 0121 616 2616.

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