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Katy Wright

Deputy Editor, Classical Music

Blind musicians to pilot ‘world first’ braille machine

2:18, 5th March 2018

More than a dozen professional musicians – all of them blind – will gather at the RNIB in London on 16 March to demonstrate the world’s first multi-line braille e-reader.

The Canute, which will be launched in summer 2018, has been developed by social enterprise Bristol Braille Technology. The size of a laptop, it will enable the musicians to read multiple lines of music at once instead of the single line available with traditional machines.

The musicians will learn, rehearse and then perform a piece by Bach to an audience of music students and examination board representatives.

The Braille music system was originally developed by Louis Braille. It uses the same six-position Braille cell as literary braille, but assigns a separate meaning to each symbol or group of symbols and has its own syntax and abbreviations.

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