City Music Foundation has been chosen as the recipient of this year’s Rhinegold Charity Fund.

The scheme offers £10,000 worth of advertising for charities to spend across Rhinegold’s flagship classical music publications and websites, including Classical Music, Opera Now and Music Teacher, as well as marketing, design and account management support from Rhinegold.

City Music Foundation (CMF) was set up in 2012 with the mission to turn exceptional musical talent into professional success, by equipping outstanding musicians with the tools, skills, experience and networks they need to build and sustain rewarding and profitable careers.

Each year between six and ten artists, both soloists and ensembles, are selected to undertake a two-year music industry apprenticeship. The programme includes artistic and business mentoring with established international musicians, entrepreneurs, financiers and legal professionals; as well as professional development workshops on areas such as tax and financial management, pitching to venues and festivals, agents, marketing, PR and programming. CMF also develops promotional tools for their artists, providing new websites, professional photographs, high quality video and audio recordings and makes professional quality CDs on their own label, or in partnership with third party recording companies.

Its key position in the City means that CMF can use its experience, knowledge and connections within the music industry, City institutions and the corporate world to provide unique and unrivalled support and education for its artists. By investing in talented musicians early in their professional careers, CMF hopes not only to secure their employment, but help to ensure the future of quality music in the UK and beyond.

Dr Clare Taylor, managing director at City Music Foundation, said: ‘CMF is very proud to receive this endorsement from the Rhinegold Charity Fund. Thank you so much! The Musicians’ Union has just published more data on how classical musicians still struggle to earn a living from performing. Being brilliant on its own is not enough to succeed in the 21st century – life skills, understanding the “business of music”, getting noticed, and developing networks within the industry are all essential. This award will help us to continue with our mission of “turning talent into success” for exceptional young professional musicians.’

Stephen Turvey, chairman of the Rhinegold Charity Fund, said: ‘CMF provides a unique service to the outstanding musicians on its programme. It operates with stand-out professionalism and teaches invaluable skills on how to turn fantastic talent into a rewarding and financially successful career. I’ve seen and heard the fruits of their work first hand at Rhinegold LIVE and other concerts and can only encourage anyone not yet familiar with CMF’s work to do the same.’

Previous recipients of the fund include Orchestras Live, Southbank Sinfonia, the Young Classical Artists Trust, Live Music Now and Pro Corda Trust.