Composer, teacher and conductor John Joubert has died at the age of 91.

Joubert was born in Cape Province but moved to London in 1946 to study at the Royal Academy, where he was taught by Howard Ferguson and Alan Bush.

His first string quartet was published by Novello in 1950, a partnership that extended throughout his career.

James Rushton, managing director, Novello & Company, said: ‘During a 60-year professional composing career, extending right to the very end of his life, John created a substantial catalogue of music that has enchanted all who have heard it.

‘Whilst it is the choral music that has entered the global repertoire, with very few choirs untouched by his immediately singable, beautifully heard and sensitively felt work, the output is broad and varied, always sympathetic to the needs of performer and audience alike.

‘John was a gentle man, and one of wisdom and humour. He was also very much in demand as a teacher, guide and adviser. He will be missed by us and by all who came into contact with him.’