Guy Weatherall

Dreams and Fancies: Walton,Berkeley, Dowland, Arnold and Britten

8:00, 23rd August 2017

Sean Shibe (g)
Delphian DCD34193

Still in his mid-twenties, Shibe has already secured a formidable reputation in both concert and on record. This latest disc plays very much to his strengths: the technical challenges thrown at him (by non-player composers) are easily surmounted, and his sound is beautifully captured.There is another presence infusing this recording: that of Julian Bream, for whom all the 20th-century works were written, indeed without whom English guitar music of the last 60 years would be immeasurably poorer. Even listeners who already have Bream’s pioneering recordings of these works will find much to enjoy here in these vibrant, modern alternatives.

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