Kimon Daltas, Editor, Classical Music

The changes coquettishly hinted at by my predecessor Keith Clarke in his editorial last issue have pretty much come to fruition. The first is that, as of this issue, we are a monthly magazine. CM has been fortnightly for 35 years, and although I think the printing press was around back then, pretty much every other aspect of publishing has changed. As our raison d’être has always been to bring you up-to-date and authoritative news coverage, we’re going to keep doing that in the most efficient way possible, which happens to be the internet these days. Thus our now monthly rag can concentrate on doing what the print medium does better – gathering things together in one handy package.

The new website is now live at and we’d love to hear what you think. We’d be foolish if we didn’t expect some teething troubles, and you can help us to fix these by letting us know when things go wrong. We are also starting a daily roundup of classical music in the news, so every morning you can browse what’s been going on in the industry.

Finally, admittedly rather more significant to me than anyone else, is my mug and these words on this very page. I have been deputy editor of the magazine for over five years now, and this is my first issue as editor – but don’t worry, I won’t be ripping out the panelling and pebble dashing the walls. However, if you would like to take this as an opportunity to tell us what you want more of and what you don’t like so much, feel free to send your thoughts to

As for Keith, you won’t miss him, because he’s still here. He’ll be dispensing his wisdom every issue, and helping keep the ship steady in his new capacity as consultant editor.