Keith Clarke
Keith Clarke, Editor, Classical Music

As my old yoga teacher used to say (and Heraclitus 2,500 years earlier), the only constant factor in life is change. And it’s certainly all change here &#8210 this venerable publication is about to unveil untold wonders. At the risk of following in the footsteps of legendary striptease artist Gypsy Rose Lea, I am going to do no more here than twirl a tassle, strut my stuff and do a saucy smile. Suffice to say that over coming weeks you will be offered a spanking new website, a greatly improved news service, and a whole lot of other delights. The thinking behind it is to provide a more comprehensive facility for all our readers.

Is it the end of print, you gasp, reaching for the sal volatile? Not so long as enough of you want the cosy familiarity of turning our crisp, glossy pages. But print v digital is not an either/or: both have something to offer, and we hope you will see the changes as a useful addition. Now more than ever, the music business needs to keep up to speed on developments. That is why this magazine set up shop in 1976, and why it continues to win the readership of every corner of the industry.

There’s a bit of a change on the masthead, too. After 27 entertaining years on that list of those who toil, 22 as editor, I have probably moved enough commas (as my children always describe my job). A man’s got his accordion practice to do, after all. So the time has come to hang up my editor’s green eye-shield and leave this noble periodical in the more than capable hands of Kimon Daltas, deputy editor for many a year. But don’t get carried away with the tearful farewells, for while I relinquish the heavy burden of day-to-day running, my byline will be gracing our news and features coverage and I shall still be droning on in a regular column.

This endlessly resourceful business deserves all the help it can get

What is not changing is the magazine’s determination to do the best job it can to support the music industry, in all its magnificent variety. From the local school teacher to the grandest opera house, from rank-and-file player to glitzy soloist, through orchestras, managers, PR reps, retailers, manufacturers, schools, colleges, venues – this endlessly resourceful business deserves all the help it can get. Please help us to support you. Meanwhile, whether you are working or putting your feet up, enjoy the Christmas break and come back replenished for a brave new year.