Katy Wright

Deputy Editor, Classical Music

Equity releases sexual harassment report

3:43, 2nd March 2018

Equity has released its findings on sexual harassment in the performing arts.

The performing arts union, which represents 43,000 creative workers, has published a report titled Agenda for Change, which contains a number of recommendations for those working in the performing arts.

The union is encouraging members to tackle or report instances of bullying, harassment or sexual harassment, and will work with other bodies to create workplaces where harassment is not tolerated.

It will review its own policies and procedures on how to deal with allegations of bullying, harassment and sexual harassment, and will investigate legislative changes that would strengthen workers’ rights.

Equity is also launching a Safe Space campaign, which will include a dedicated helpline, advice and training, and a statement to be read before rehearsals begin.

In her introduction, Maureen Beattie, Equity’s vice president, wrote: ‘We are demanding a more professional working environment where our members and future members will not have to endure or observe sexual harassment and where perpetrators understand there is nowhere to hide. Now is the moment to redress the power imbalances, promote a culture of respect and create better working conditions for all.’

Equity’s working group on sexual harassment was formed in November 2017. More than 340 union members contributed to the report, and the union held a series of meetings with relevant industry bodies.

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