Katy Wright

Deputy Editor, Classical Music

Government publishes Brexit impact report

2:35, 2nd January 2018

The Government has published a Creative Industries Sector Report, examining the potential impact of leaving the European Union (EU).

The report contains a description of the sector, the current EU regulatory regime, existing frameworks for how trade is facilitated between countries, and sector views.

It notes that 6.7% of the workforce in 2016 were EU nationals, but that music, performing and visual arts have the lowest proportion of EU nationals working in the sector (4.1%, or 2,258,000 people).

The Creative Industries exported £14.7bn worth of goods in 2015, 38.6% more than in 2010. This represents 5.2% of total UK goods exports, with music, performing and visual arts one of the highest export sub-sectors.

The publication does not cover issues such as freedom of movement and omits ‘sector views’; although the Committee received these from the Government, it ‘decided not to publish this section’.

The Creative Industries Federation (CIF) described the release of the report as a ‘positive development’, but criticised the ‘protracted resistance’ to releasing the document and a series of ‘major oversights’. Numerous individuals from the sector also criticised the publication.



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