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Melissa Bradshaw

Ian Page and The Mozartists explore Mozart in 1770

1:06, 4th December 2019

Entering the sixth year of their MOZART 250 series in 2020, Ian Page and The Mozartists will explore the life, works and influences of Mozart in 1770 – the year he turned 14.

Page and The Mozartists will present works by Mozart and his contemporaries written in 1770, beginning on 9 January 2020 with a performance at Wigmore Hall, featuring company associate artists Samantha Clarke and Ida Ränzlöv. The retrospective concert will feature works by Vanhal, Gluck, Haydn, J.C. Bach and Mozart.

Building on the success of Page’s Mozart in London weekend in 2015, The Mozartists will also present a three-day mini-festival, Mozart in Italy. Taking place from 6 – 8 March 2020 at London’s Cadogan Hall, the mini-festival will explore the music that Mozart composed and heard during his time in Italy. The weekend will feature symphonies, concert arias and extracts from Mozart’s opera Mitridate, re di Ponto alongside a number of operatic works heard by Mozart during his travels, as well as lectures from Mozart scholars Cliff Eisen and Sergio Durante.

Founder and artistic director of Classical Opera and The Mozartists, Ian Page, says: ‘1770 culminated for Mozart with the triumphant premiere of Mitridate, re di Ponto, the first great success of his fledgling career, but he had spent the whole year in Italy, absorbing the wide range of music that he heard during the course of his travels. 250 years later, our Mozart in Italy weekend in March will be the first ever in-depth retrospective of the music that Mozart composed and heard during the course of this formative trip, and will incorporate music by Guglielmi, Piccinni, Celoniati, Mysliveček, Jommelli, Galuppi and Gasparini as well as by the 14-year-old Mozart himself.

In November 2020, Page and The Mozartists will present a performance in London of Mitridate, re di Ponto, details of which are to be announced closer to the time. ‘I am very much looking forward to reliving the musical year 1770 with a fantastic group of colleagues, and to sharing our discoveries with our audiences,’ Page comments.


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