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ISM announces partnership with Musicians Movement

8:44, 7th October 2020

The ISM has announced a new campaign partnership with the Musicians Movement, and a new slogan, #MakeMusicWork, to ensure musicians can start earning again. 

Together, the organisations are fighting for:

  • A new Freelance Performers Support Scheme to help musicians return to live performances in Covid-secure spaces
  • Changes to the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme to provide a tailored safety net for musicians who cannot work while venues remain closed due to government safety restrictions

The new partnership began with a joint letter to Chanellor Rishi Sunak following his speech at the Conservative Party Conference and the government’s ‘Winter Economy Plan’.

The letter to the Chancellor can be found here.

More information about the Freelance Performers Support Scheme can be found here.

More information about improving the Self Employment Income Support Scheme here.

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