The London Philharmonic Orchestra has created a new online-only loyalty scheme to reward concert-goers who want to attend several concerts a year, but only book tickets for one concert at a time.

Although multi-buy series discounts are currently, and will continue to be, offered with the highest possible rewards, this model is not always suitable for audiences who are unable to make long-term diary commitments or afford the upfront costs of booking several concerts at once.

Kath Trout, marketing director at the London Philharmonic Orchestra, comments on this: ‘We have noticed a change in booking trends in recent years, with audiences booking tickets much closer to the time of events and, for a variety of reasons, unable to benefit from a traditional ‘series discount’ model. With LPO Plus, which has been designed to be simple to use and to understand, we hope to offer rewards to a much wider audience, encouraging loyalty in a more flexible and relevant way.’

With LPO Plus, points can be earned each time an order is placed for eligible items including tickets (excluding multi-buy series bookings), gift vouchers, CDs, merchandise and programme book vouchers. Points can then be redeemed against future purchases. The scheme is completely free to join and open to all, with members receiving an initial 100 points when they first sign up and occasional one-off bonus points promotions.

For further information or to sign up visit