Susan Nickalls

Majority of Scots reluctant to return to live performances, says survey

7:53, 12th October 2020

Although the majority of the people in Scotland have missed going to cultural events during lockdown only 35% would go back to live music events, a 26% net reduction, and there is reluctance to attend indoor events unless robust social distancing measures are in place. These are some of the findings of the Creative Scotland’s Covid-19 Population Survey looking at attitudes to arts participation and attendance.

Of the 1,033 people who completed the online survey, 57% said that since lockdown they’ve missed the opportunity to go to cultural events with this figure rising to 71% to include those who went to events more often before lockdown. But when it came to attending live classical music performances or opera in the future, only 9% said they would go more often, 47% said they would attend about the same and 35% said they would go less often representing an overall decline of 24%.

When asked how comfortable they would feel attending performances at a range of venues, 56% said they would feel comfortable at outdoor events, but only 37% would go to medium to large indoor venues, 34% to arena-sized venues and 30% to smaller indoor venues. Notably 40% of those surveyed would not feel comfortable in smaller indoor venues even with assurances on safety measures. Effective social distancing measures would make up to a quarter of the population more likely to attend an event.

In general younger age groups are more likely to increase their overall participation in cultural activities with people aged 16 to 34 more comfortable going to indoor venues than those over 55. However, 81% of the population have an appetite for going to new types of arts venues including drive-in cinema (35%), drive-in theatre or music (22%) and performances in large unused spaces or temporary spaces (19%).

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