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‘Music must be central to the curriculum catch-up’: music education’s leading representatives write joint letter to government

4:53, 2nd July 2020

The Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM), Music Mark, and the Music Teachers’ Association (MTA) have written a joint letter to the Department for Education (DfE) urging the government to protect the role of music education in schools. 

The letter is in response to government guidelines published today, which outline the steps schools can take to assist students in catching up, as well as measures to facilitate the safe return to schools.

The guidance states that in exceptional circumstances some GCSE subjects can be discontinued for certain pupils, in consultation with parents. The ISM’s letter recommends that the government helps schools explore all other options before such a course of action is taken, stressing the role that music education plays in students’ wellbeing and career prospects.

They have also offered to assist the government in developing the final version of promised guidance on signing, wind and brass playing.

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