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NYCGB Showcase event at the Royal Albert Hall

Melissa Bradshaw

NYCGB announces 2020 programme

4:04, 21st January 2020

The National Youth Choirs of Great Britain (NYCGB) has announced plans for its 2020 programme during its Annual Showcase event held at the Royal Albert Hall, London. 

The National Youth Chamber Choir will launch a performance partnership with the Tallis Scholars, and will also undertake an international tour, centered on performances at the World Symposium on Choral Music (WSCM2020) in Auckland, New Zealand. The symposium has provided inspiration for the NYCGB’s artistic theme for 2020, ‘Cultural Identity.’

‘Our artistic theme, Cultural Identity, challenges us to explore the ways in which music reflects and shapes us as individuals and our relationship with the world around us,’ says Anne Besford, NYCGB chief executive. ‘It inspires us to innovate, so that our music is exciting, diverse and relevant, challenging perceptions of what choral music can be.’

Two new choral commissions have been planned in connection with the theme: Thea Musgrave will compose a new piece for the National Youth Choir to perform and record, and a further piece is to be commissioned for the National Youth Training Choir.

Development programmes will continue for the fifth cohort of the Fellowship Programme for young choral leaders, and NYCGB will deliver a second year of its Young Composers Scheme in partnership with NMC Recordings. The Learning and Engagement programme will see a pilot ‘legacy partnership’ being developed in Nottinghamshire, with strategic activities taking place throughout the North East and West Midlands alongside a programme of outreach events taking place more widely across the country.

Ben Parry, artistic director and principal conductor at NYCGB, comments: ‘This year’s theme is one that touches all of us in some way. It will run both through WSCM2020, interpreted freely and with flair by participating choirs from across the world and will continue through our own 2020 Spring and Summer concerts held in the UK.’


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