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Katy Wright

Deputy Editor, Classical Music

Paraorchestra appoints Lloyd Coleman as associate music director

4:16, 2nd October 2017

The Paraorchestra and Friends has appointed Lloyd Coleman, founder member of the British Paraorchestra and face of the BBC’s Proms coverage, as its first full-time associate music director.

The appointment follows the announcement that the umbrella organisation that supports the development of the British Paraorchestra will become an Arts Council England National Portfolio funded organisation in 2018.

Coleman will develop and facilitate future artistic projects, including the introduction of an associate artist programme. Visually and hearing impaired, he brings extensive experience of his own professional development and performing history to explore opportunities for further learning and education partnerships.

In 2015, Coleman became the first composer to write a new piece specifically for the British Paraorchestra. He will continue to compose work for the ensemble, as well as performing as a musician in it.

Charles Hazlewood, artistic director of the Paraorchestra and Friends, described Coleman as ‘a shining star at the centre of the British Paraorchestra since the beginning’, adding: ‘To have his musical genius, his incredible communication skills, his passion and his heart at the centre of our organisation is a dream come true.’

Coleman described his appointment as ‘a huge honour’. He continued: ‘I’m inspired by Charles Hazlewood’s vision to make world-class music with open-minded musicians from all backgrounds, regardless of disability.

‘I hope to draw from my experiences so far as a composer and performer to help create new work that will challenge, move and entertain our audiences. As we continue to reassess the value and place of the arts in society, I firmly believe the Paraorchestra can lead the way in showing what a 21st century orchestra can look like – diverse, flexible and collaborative.’


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