Lucy Thraves

Deputy Editor

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra gives London bus gig

4:14, 13th June 2018

Members of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra gave an ‘impromptu’ live performance on a busy London bus yesterday afternoon.

The six-piece ensemble boarded the bus along the number 25 route from Tottenham Court Road to Ilford in Essex, and performed a mixture of classical and contemporary music.

The performance was organised by Fuze Tea, whose research has found that 44% of the British public feel they rarely enjoy any time to themselves and struggle to switch off from work when they leave the office. It was hoped that the gig would help them to relax on their commute home.

Malcolm Wilson, a general manager of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, said: ‘We were delighted to bring some well-deserved relaxation into the commutes of busy Brits. Music can work wonders at relieving stress, and it was a really special moment for us to give commuters a change to swap their headphones for a live orchestral performance.’

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