New research from the Royal Albert Hall has found that 69 per cent of UK adults are ‘happier’ and ‘more stimulated’ when listening to live music.

Out of the 2,000 adults surveyed, 68 per cent considered themselves ‘more engaged’ and 59 per cent thought they were ‘more sociable’ when live music is playing.

Although 73 per cent of those surveyed agreed that ‘live music can make an event feel more special’, 25 per cent admitted they would choose to plug in their tablet or smartphone rather than hire a live band at an important event.

Despite this, 51 per cent said they would like to know about venues offering free live music, and 42 per cent expressed interest in attending events beyond the main stage at large venues – but 45 per cent of respondents did not feel they would be able to afford the price of a ticket to experience live music.

Lucy Noble, director of events at the Royal Albert Hall, said: ‘The positive effects of live music are undoubtable. We must do all we can to ensure that live music is accessible and affordable to all and not just the privileged and wealthy.’

The Royal Albert Hall’s ‘Free Friday Music’ series aims to encourage more people to listen to live music, with free live music performances in the venue’s Italian restaurant, Verdi.