Melissa Bradshaw

The Ivors Academy calls on the music industry to further support its musicians

4:52, 25th March 2020

In addition to joining calls for support from the Government for self-employed and freelance musicians left without an income due to the COVID-19 crisis, The Ivors Academy is calling for digital platforms and collecting societies to step forward and further support musicians.  

Commenting on how he feels the music industry needs to do much more to provide help to those who are struggling financially, Ivors Academy CEO Graham Davies said 

‘There is an estimated 20-30% of streaming royalties which are currently paid on a market share basis, because there is insufficient data on who was played. This means millions of pounds will presently go to those who are reporting massive profits and huge margins from streaming. This is wrong. We call for these black box royalties to be paid into hardship funds for musicians so that targeted help can get to those most in need.’ 

Crispin Hunt, chair of the Academy, added: ‘We are enormously appreciative of the work being done by the Musicians Union, Help Musicians UK, PRS For Music and PPL to boost their hardship funds and get money flowing to musicians. But these amounts are nowhere near enough. It is time the platforms and major labels provided help to the people that create the content on which their businesses depend.’ 


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