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Universal Music Group announces global partnership with Sugar, leading Italian label

3:00, 29th June 2020

Universal Music Group (UMG) will provide global support and distribution across Sugar’s recorded music division and historic catalogues. 

Founded in Milan in 1932, Sugar is home to one of the most prestigious Italian and French catalogues of soundtracks, including from La Dolce VitaAmarcord, Mondo Cane, Il Postiono and Il Gattopardo. 

The label is also renowned for its contemporary roster of leading Italian artists, including Andrea Bocelli.

Filippo Sugar, president and CEO, said: ‘I believe that in today’s marketplace, the greatest opportunity for an independent label is to develop its artists and repertoire globally. Having one, truly unique, worldwide distribution solution for the entire breadth of Sugar recordings is a very important step.

‘Having worked with Universal on various projects for over 20 years, I felt this was the right time to turn the page and write a new chapter.’

Sir Lucian Grainge, chairman and CEO of UMG, said: ‘We are thrilled to expand our long-standing relationship with Filippo and Sugar Music, and to provide support for their artists and rich catalogues worldwide. A true family business, Sugar has helped introduce the world to Italian music culture throughout its 80-year history. Over the years, they have been a great partner to us for Andrea Bocelli, and we look forward to many more successes together in the future.’


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