The WCIT World Orchestra – put together in a collaboration between the WCIT (World Congress of Information Technology), the Armenian State Symphony Orchestra and artistic director Sergey Smbatyan (pictured) – will perform the first ever concert of music written live by artificial intelligence (AI).

As part of the opening ceremony of the WCIT, one of the world’s largest IT events taking place in Armenia, the concert will see musicians of the WCIT World Orchestra performing two works as they are being composed live by AI. Comprised of musicians from the 14 countries that have previously hosted the Congress, as well as 30 musicians from the Armenian State Symphony Orchestra, the idea for the free outdoor concert came from Smbatyan, who will conduct the orchestra.

‘This ambitious creative endeavour will explore uncharted territory, creating symbiosis where art, culture and technology meet,’ Smbatyan explains. ‘I like to call this type of AI “Artificial Talent”, as it brings together these two definitive fields.’

A spokesperson from WCIT said: ‘The world has witnessed AI make developments and improvements in spheres such as mechanical engineering and transportation. Now, this orchestra and this concert will convey a powerful message to the world – they’ll demonstrate new horizons for the future of art, science and engineering all working together.’

The opening concert is free to attend and will take place in Yerevan, Armenia, at 8pm in the Republic Square on 6 October 2019. The WCIT runs from 6 – 9 October.

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