Katy Wright

Deputy Editor, Classical Music

Yorkshire Young Sinfonia introduces digital programme notes

3:01, 14th February 2018

Audience members at Yorkshire Young Sinfonia’s concerts will soon have the option to have real-time programme notes sent to their phones.

Encue by Octava delivers live programme notes as the orchestra plays, allowing audience members to find out more what is happening in the music in real time. It also allows audience members to share slides from the concert programme and their thoughts about the concert on social media.

The development follows the orchestra’s decision to swap sheet music for iPads.

David Taylor, CEO of Yorkshire Young Sinfonia, described Encue as ‘an incredibly exciting change for the concert going experience’, adding: ‘It allows our audience to interact with the music and find out more about the players in the orchestra in a way that wasn’t possible before. The fact that EnCue is designed specifically not be disruptive to other audiences members allows us to offer something for everyone.’

YYS will launch their collaboration with EnCue at their next concert at Leeds Town Hall on 17 August, with violinist Esther Abrami.



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