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Josephine Miles

Steinway unveils Black Masterpiece Limited Edition

10:14, 22nd December 2020

Steinway & Sons has launched a new Limited Edition grand piano to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Steinway Crown Jewels collection

The new ‘Black Masterpiece’ grands have been crafted in Hamburg using 20 of the finest woods from around the world, including olive, amber, tamo, eucalyptus and jatoba. Unlike the black grand pianos from Steinway’s core range, each Black Masterpiece instrument has been preserved rather than polished, allowing for the characteristics and marks of each wood to be clearly visible depending on the light.

All the castings on the Black Masterpieces are finished with a high-quality PVD (physical vapour deposition) coating, harder than chrome and more valuable than gold plating. Each instrument features a numbered medallion inside the case, which, along with the soundboard, is finished in black. Tahiti pearl is embedded in the keyboard lid.

Only 20 Black Masterpiece Model B instruments are available worldwide, each of which is equipped with Steinway’s Spirio | r high-resolution player piano. This enables users to record and play back their own performances, edit their recordings via the app, and listen to performances from professional pianists who have recorded for Spirio. A cable integrated into the music desk can be used to charge the supplied iPad or connect a USB stick.

Guido Zimmermann, president of Steinway & Sons, said: ‘The Black Masterpiece is an example of finest craftsmanship combined with incredible technology. Each of these 20 grand pianos is unique – a perfect homage to the Crown Jewels..’

One of the Black Masterpiece pianos is now on display at London’s Steinway Hall. Virtual appointments are available to book online. Price on demand.


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