Rhinegold Yamaha's flagship CLP-795GP grand piano style Clavinova

Owen Mortimer

Yamaha launches Clavinova CLP-700 digital piano series

10:10, 1st July 2020

Yamaha Music has unveiled its new Clavinova CLP-700 digital piano series, offering improved sound, touch and design through a combination of technical innovation and craftsmanship. The series features six models ranging from the entry-level CLP-735 to flagship upright CLP-785 plus two grand piano style models.

Yamaha’s Real Grand Expression 2 sound engine promises heightened sensitivity by converting the tiniest keystroke nuances into an unprecedented variety of sounds. Other innovations include Grand Expression Modeling, which replicates the subtle sound variations of a grand piano, while Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM) reproduces the incidental sounds made by acoustic instruments – namely keystrokes, hammer movement, dampers, pedals, strings and casework resonance.

Depending on the model, players can also enjoy Yamaha’s GrandTouch and new GrandTouch-S keyboards. Both guarantee an outstanding level of authenticity and high degree of expressive control across the full dynamic range, from pianissimo to fortissimo.

Some sounds have also been improved, notably the samples of the Yamaha CFX and Bösendorfer Imperial grand pianos. Binaural sampling of both concert instruments for playing with headphones conveys an unparalleled sense of space as well as providing hearing protection, even at louder volumes. In addition, the new CLP series now comes with fortepiano sounds for all aficionados of 18th- and 19th-century repertoire.

A further design innovation has been applied to every model upwards of the CLP-775, allowing voices and functions to be selected via touch sensors below the LCD screen. Control panel illumination turns off automatically after a few seconds, giving these models the classic appearance of an acoustic instrument.

Yamaha Music Europe GmbH is a subsidiary of the Japanese Yamaha Corporation and produces a comprehensive range of award-winning musical instruments, PA, installation and home entertainment systems. For information on CLP availability and where to buy, visit the Yamaha website.


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