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A young participant takes part in the first Global Sessions in May

Harriet Clifford

Benedetti Foundation presents virtual violin project for all ages and abilities

1:47, 9th November 2020

From 16 November to 13 December, the Benedetti Foundation presents the Global Violin Sessions: A Cultural Exchange Part One, a virtual project taking participants of all ages and abilities on a trip around the world through the eyes of the violin. 

Following the first Virtual Sessions in May this year, this new event sees a short piece written by trumpeter, composer, and educator Wynton Marsalis played by Nicola Benedetti, then passed around four countries over three weeks.

Each violinist – from America, Hungary, Finland, and Serbia – will adapt the piece based on their country’s musical tradition, teaching participants how this is done along the way.

Over four weeks, the violinists will teach the participants through a combination of live and pre-recorded lessons. During the weekend from 21 November to 6 December, the Foundation will work live with participants of all ages and stages, from all over the world, to prepare the repertoire. 

This will then be collated and made into a short film, taking viewers on a visual and aural journey around these cultures through the eyes of the violin. The film will premiere on 13 December at 5pm on Facebook and YouTube. 

The Sessions will be free, but there is a recommended donation of £20 – £30 per person. 

Nicola Benedetti said, ‘Music has always shown us the similarities and diversities of the human story with nuance, clarity and accuracy. It gently but undeniably states a worldview that requires no rebuffing. There is space in the world for us all.

‘But how often do we demonstrate acceptance, curiosity and openness towards the story and cultures of others? What happens if you take one tune and send it around the world? The Global Violin is about to start to find out and we can’t wait.’

The programme of leading violinists is as follows:

America – Week One

  • Tessa Lark – bluegrass tradition
  • Mark and Maggie O’Connor – American folk fiddle tradition

Hungary – Week Two

  • Roby Lakatos – classical, jazz and folk idioms of Hungary
  • Geza Hosszu-Legocky – Hungarian gypsy-Roma traditions and he will be joined by his award-winning group the Five-DeViLs

Finland & Serbia – Week Three

  • Pekka Kuusisto – inspired by the traditional music of Finland
  • Nemanja Radulovic – inspired by the Eastern European folk tradition

The trailer is available to watch here.

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For more information, visit the website.


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