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James Rose, BSO Resound Conductor

Eleanor Philpot

Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra launches new training scheme

10:15, 10th July 2019

The programme will help a range of organisations to implement inclusion for disabled people.

Over the past two years, Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra has been carrying out crucial work to promote inclusivity in music. The BSO Change Makers scheme, launched in June 2017, not only provided training for a disabled conductor but also launched an ensemble led by disabled people, BSO Resound.

Now the orchestra has launched a new scheme that hopes to implement more inclusivity in the arts sector and beyond. Entitled Programme for Social Change, it will look to work with other companies to ensure disabled people are fully welcomed as both staff and visitors, as well as helping employees to become more confident when working with disabled people.

BSO chief executive Dougie Scarfe says: ‘In the broader cultural sector, there is a real pressing need to diversify the leadership in our world, to provide role models and progression pathways. We want to use this moment to encourage businesses to embrace having a more diverse leadership and the cultural change that needs to happen in order to reflect in a company the society in which we live.’

Lisa Tregale, head of BSO Participate, says the programme is aimed at, ‘empowering teams to be fearless’ and helping them not be scared to ask what might be perceived as, ‘difficult questions,’ adding, ‘there is a lot of fear and a lot of unknowns in companies – fear that you might offend, but actually it’s about being confident in the way you do it.’

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