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Brass Bands England announces 2020 development workshops

9:13, 22nd January 2020

Brass Bands England has announced its 2020 artistic and player development workshops, aimed at conductors and players who would like to top up their skills.

The artistic development workshops will see Cory Band musical director, Philip Harper, guiding delegates through topics such as concert planning, collaboration, the role of the conductor and band marketing, among others. Meanwhile, the player development workshops will focus on how to give a successful performance as a brass band, focusing on efficient practice methods and the psychology of performance.

BBE’s education and development co-ordinator, Sarah Baumann, commented: ‘These sessions have been a real highlight of 2019 for me. Philip’s approach has really changed attendees’ attitude to leading a band, and their artistic role within the band. Conductors have made real changes to the way they rehearse and plan for concerts and are improving the quality of the music their band produces as a result.’

The full list of workshops is as follows, with more events across the country to be announced soon:

  • Artistic development: Saturday 1 February, Worksop
  • Player development: Saturday 8 February, Croydon
  • Artistic development: Sunday 22 March 2020, Lancaster
  • Player development: Sunday 17 May 2020, Leeds
  • Player development: Saturday 14 June 2020, Cornwall
  • Player development: Sunday 6 September 2020, West Midlands (venue TBC)
  • Player development: Sunday 22 November 2020, East Midlands (venue TBC)

To find out more visit www.bbe.org.uk

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