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Charanga launches Danish platform

10:00, 7th June 2019

Earlier this week, the award-winning music education technology company Charanga launched a new inter-institutional partnership with a number of organisations in Denmark as part of the Music Education Cultural Learning Alliance (MECLA) project. The collaboration takes the form of an online resource which provides individual teachers, schools or Kommunes with access to teaching materials, music and modern approaches to pedagogy. These include resources to help educators teach foundational music and group instrumental learnings. As the project develops, the online platform will also offer professional developments and a forum for educators at all levels to come together and learn from one another.

The MECLA project came out of Janice Pounds, director of Warrington’s Accent Music Hub, and her partners at the Nachod Music School in the Czech Republic approaching Charanga about the possibility of expanding the use of the company’s teaching approach throughout the UK. Following on from this effort, the group moved on to work with colleagues in Denmark as part of an EU Erasmus+ funding application.

Joining the group in this exciting endeavour are Denmark’s music association, Danish Ensembles, Orchestras and Opera Institutions; the Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra (CPO); the Edegal and Helsingør Music Schools; and the Egedal Kommune.

To promote the launch of the project, a special event was held on 3 June at Copenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens, featuring musicians from the CPO alongside Edegal school children and their music teachers. The event featured a performance of ‘Name Song’, an original composition from Joanna Mangona, Charanga’s head of learning.

‘The launch of our Danish platform is an essential first step in making the MECLA project a success,’ says Mark Burke, Charanga’s founder and director. ‘It’s incredibly exciting. We’re delighted to be supporting new collaborative teaching methods and co-working between schools, orchestras and other providers of live music in schools, digitally. Together with our partners, Charanga is playing its part in transforming music teaching and learning across Denmark.’


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